The future of video server technology.

Acuitas eliminates the traditional, serial-based, proprietary boxes within the broadcast chain by using all off-the-shelf, IT-based components to provide reliable and affordable High Definition playout, graphics, effects, and switching.

The beauty of Acuitas is that it is powered by Florical's award-winning AirBoss product and provides the most feature-rich, flexible, and reliable IT-based playout system on the market today. Acuitas completes Florical's product line by providing a complete IT infrastructure creating a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the television facility.

Integration to an IT-based, SOA environment may be difficult with most vendors, but with Florical we make it simple. Simplification is the key to remaining competitive in the business. Florical can help you bridge the gap from yesterday's legacy technology to tomorrow's ever-changing IT-based infrastructure. We make it simple to transition from the past to the future with Acuitas.

Acuitas can be utilized for a simple commercial insertion operation or run multi-channels. It's flexible and scalable to fit your operation needs.


  • Remote Airboss - Control on-air from any networked workstation. Perfect for Dynamic Hubbing or for emergency access to "lights out" operations.
  • Supervisory Monitor - monitor multiple channels on one workstation and directly select any single channel to access for control.
  • Web Editor - Edit current and future schedules
  • Live-Log BXF Traffic interface for two-way communication with traffic. Through emailed "Critical Reports" the Traffic Department can make last minute changes to on-air schedules to head off "make-goods" and if a make-good occures, Traffic is notified through reconcilliation reports and therefore can perform the make-good within minutes and potentially saving significant lost-revenue.